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Meet Dr. Samantha Arbour

In 2018, when she was a senior studying pre-med at Stetson University, Dr. Arbour read a book on alternative medicine that talked about chiropractors and went into great detail. She had never been to a chiropractor and knew nothing about this type of doctor.

Dr. Arbour had set her sights on becoming a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, specifically an OB-GYN, because she believed more in treating the body, not just the symptoms, and finding the root cause of health problems.

Getting on the Chiropractic Path

It was about late February of her senior year at Stetson when Dr. Arbour started researching medical schools. She already had dreams of going to California where she planned on doing her residency to become an OB-GYN. “I started looking at schools and found Palmer West in San Jose. I called my mom and told her, ‘We are going to California for spring break because I have to look at this school. I think I’m changing my entire career path.'”

Having the Ability to Work With the Whole Family

While checking out Palmer West, Dr. Arbour realized she could work with pregnant women, children and the entire family. She liked chiropractic’s holistic approach and how many adjusting methods there are.

“I realized I could treat people from the moment they’re born until they leave this earth.”


Joining the Practice Team

During the last three months of chiropractic college, Dr. Arbour interned under Dr. Natalie. “We have the option to find a chiropractor to intern with and I knew I wanted to be in Palm Beach Gardens and I was lucky enough to find such a skilled chiropractor with a pediatric and prenatal focus.”

“As soon as I came in and saw how integrative the practice was set up, I knew that this is exactly where I wanted to be.”

Another bonus for Dr. Arbour: as she grew up in Palm Beach County and went to high school in Stuart, she’s thrilled to be back in this part of The Sunshine State!

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