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Pelvic Floor Therapy Palm Beach Gardens

woman with pregnancy discomfortIf you suffer from urinary or fecal incontinence, endometriosis or pelvic organ prolapse, you may benefit from pelvic floor therapy at the practice. This specialized type of physical therapy is provided by Dr. Natasha Jackson, a PT with specific training in pelvic floor therapy.

This form of PT addresses any type of dysfunction that has to do with the pelvis and is related to bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction. Many times it could be pelvic pain or tailbone (coccyx) pain, or issues with sexual intimacy or discomfort from that.

Help for Moms

Dr. Natasha also helps moms prepare for birth and then recover from birth afterwards. She works on reconnecting their pelvic floor with their core muscles, and getting them in a place where they’re healthier, recovering, and returning to the daily task of carrying a baby, functioning in life, and getting back into exercise.

What to Expect

During your one-on-one session, you won’t just be doing kegel exercises. Dr. Natasha will have you do several functional activities. The therapy involves her working with you, not just when you’re lying down or sitting. She’ll do a full body assessment, and tie everything in to see what the imbalances are, so that we can treat you effectively.

Your session will either be 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have this therapy ongoing?

It can be ongoing, but every case is different. Dr. Natasha will recommend the amount of visits needed to best address your condition.

My child was born years ago. Can I still benefit from this therapy?

Yes, it can be something that can be addressed long after you have a child.

Who can benefit from pelvic floor therapy?

Any female with a pelvis can benefit from pelvic floor therapy with Dr. Natasha. She also finds that many patients have hip and back pain, often due to instabilities in the pelvis. You don’t have to have been pregnant to need pelvic floor therapy.

Do you treat men?

While there is pelvic floor therapy for men, Dr. Natasha only treats women at the practice.

How long will my care plan be?

It depends on what we’re treating. Generally, it could take anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on how frequently you come in. “Sometimes we wind down, and then we might go out longer, but we’re visiting less frequently,” said Dr. Natasha. Everyone’s plan of care is individualized to them.

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