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Meet Dr. Natasha Jackson

Physical Therapist

Dr. Natasha Jackson, founder of Starting Point Therapy and Wellness, began her practice with a vision to provide personalized, one-on-one care to orthopedic patients in the Port St. Lucie and Palm Beach Gardens areas.

As she delved deeper into the local world of physical therapy, she realized there was an unmet need for women’s health-focused treatments in her community.

Drawing from her own experiences, Dr. Natasha decided to specialize in addressing women’s health issues, offering a much-needed resource for patients who would otherwise have to travel out of town for care.

The Journey to Becoming a Physical Therapist

Dr. Natasha always knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field, but wasn’t sure which path to take. As a high school athlete, she initially thought sports medicine or athletic training would be her calling. However, after earning her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sports Science from the University of Florida, she worked in wellness programs at the YMCA in Atlanta and eventually managed a personal training studio.

It was during her time as a personal trainer that Dr. Natasha discovered her true passion: helping clients overcome injuries and regain their strength. This realization led her to Emory University in Georgia, where she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After spending 10 years in Georgia, Dr. Natasha returned to Florida to be closer to family and start her own practice.

Specializing in Women’s Health

Dr. Natasha’s practice focuses on pelvic floor therapy and prenatal and postpartum recovery, providing essential care for women in her community. Her dedication to offering specialized, individualized treatment sets her apart from other clinics in the area.

Life Outside the Clinic

When she isn’t helping her patients, Dr. Natasha enjoys spending time with her family, including cheering on her son at his competitive tackle football games and serving as team mom. She’s also a board member of the Port St. Lucie Athletic Association Park. In her free time, Dr. Natasha loves to cook, bake, garden, exercise, and attend church.

With her unique approach to physical therapy and commitment to addressing women’s health issues, Dr. Natasha has built a practice that truly makes a difference in the lives of her patients.

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