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Dr. Natalie DeJesse graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007. Chiropractic had been a part of her life long before that. Her father, Dr. James Cima Sr., is also a chiropractor. Dr. Natalie grew up benefiting from regular chiropractic care. She took a brief break from practicing to raise her three children. Since January 2019, she has returned to support the health of our community.

Putting Our Heads Together for Your Benefit

When you become a patient with Dr. Natalie, you won’t just get her expertise. She works inside the Cima Health Center, which is the same building as her father, Dr. James Cima Sr., and her brother, Dr. James Cima, Jr as well as massage therapists, physical therapists and even an esthetician. If there is a particular issue that she needs to consult them on, she can do so. You’ll get the benefit of all three chiropractors’ combined knowledge and experience.

A Focus on Family Health

At our practice, we welcome all ages of patients. Dr. Natalie is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and loves seeing children and expecting moms. One little girl came to see Dr. Natalie because of recurring ear infections. She had tubes inserted and then had one fall out.

The parents didn’t want to repeat the surgery and instead tried chiropractic. She went from having 18 ear infections by age 2 to having none. The parents were shocked at how effective chiropractic was, and the pediatrician checked the girl and pronounced her perfectly healthy!

Experience Our Holistic Approach

There may be options other than medications and surgery for you. Contact the chiropractic office of Dr. Natalie DeJesse today to schedule your first appointment and learn more about what we do! Same-day visits are available.

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