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Your family deserves to have the best of health. Dr. Natalie DeJesse is a second-generation chiropractor and loves to see all ages of patients. Heal and feel incredible with our natural care!

Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens Focuses on Families

Dr. Natalie DeJesse Provides Holistic Care

Our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor, Dr. Natalie DeJesse is passionate about improving the health of families in our communities. She has a particular focus on pediatrics, pregnancy, postpartum care, and women’s health. All ages are welcome at the office of Dr. Natalie DeJesse. She is joined in the practice by Dr. Samantha Arbour, another chiropractor and Dr. Natasha Jackson, a physical therapist.

At our family-friendly office, we focus on the health of your nervous system. This system runs your entire body and affects every part. God made our bodies to heal themselves. That’s why you can get better once you’re sick. If we take care of our bodies, they’ll take care of us.